Design your business impact. Workshops and online programs that teach design and product leaders how to generate business impact. It’s a carefully crafted experience, a community that practices, with peers and mentors to practice new approaches to generating business impact. If you're struggling to

Design your impact.



Companies we work with


Deliberate practice

Our programs ask seasoned design professionals to dive into the deep-end of the intersections between design and business. In all of our programs, you will learn through deliberate practice, be inspired with tested examples from leaders and peers, and gain practical and applicable skills level-up your impact.

Community focus

Being a product or design leader is one of the most fulfilling careers in today’s job market. It can also be incredibly lonely. Finding peers and safe places to practice new skills can be difficult. To combat this, Second Wave Dive seeks to provide support at one of the most fundamental levels, community. Through healthy community, regardless of where you live, we’re all connected. Through that connection, we create incredible outcomes.

Program structures

Our programs get you to work and are curated for seasoned designers looking to:

  • Share approaches for work, insights, inspiration, etc.

  • Build psychological safety and trust with peers who are in familiar situations

  • Understand the investment their company is making into their development

  • Learn tools/frameworks/approaches that embrace the overlaps of design and business.