assess how business is done, level-up design value.

Designers, Meet Your Business

The in-person version of Design Meets Business is a customized 3-day workshop for design teams. Based on the same structure as the online program, this workshop is tailored to your organization. Level-up your business skills together.

Unlike the online workshop, the in-person version is customized to best fit your organization. The workshop starts with a 1-day version Design Meets Business, then adjusts content and topics to fit your business context. To tailor the workshop, we’ll work with you in advance to learn more about your organization so that we can:

  • Emphasize approaches most relevant to the business model and strategy you’re working in

  • Measure and monitor design value to your product and business priorities

  • Invite business partners to learn with you

  • Create action plan to test new approaches and tools over the next 30 days