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Help shape the Design Meets Business program! Apply to the August 5, 2019 intake and receive great content at a reduced rate in exchange for valuable feedback to the Second Wave Dive team.

Design meets business

Design Meets Business is a program designed for seasoned design and product leaders looking to align business strategy to design strategy. The program includes topics such as Collective Impact, Behavioral Maps, Economic Moats, Scenario Planning, Pyramid Principle, Balanced Scorecards, working with numbers, and more.

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August 5 - September 16, 2019

Advanced Team Strategy Deep-Dive

Advanced Team Strategy Deep-Dive is a program designed for product, design, or engineering leaders looking to create differentiation for their team or organization. The program is currently being developed, but may include topics such as Creative Strategy, Differentiation, Stakeholder-Centered Design, etc..

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What makes our programs unique?

Being a product or design leader is one of the most fulfilling careers in today’s job market. It can also be incredibly lonely. While there are many sources of information we love, (meetups, conferences, etc.) finding peers and safe places to practice new skills can be hard.

To combat this, Second Wave Dive seeks to provide support at one of the most fundamental levels, community. Through healthy community, regardless of where you live, we’re all connected. Through that connection, we create incredible impact.

Our programs ask experienced professionals to dive into the deep-end of the intersection between design and business. In all of our programs, participants will learn through deliberate practice. With deliberate practice inside a community, participants will be inspired by industry leaders and engaging in safe places where critique and feedback can be shared without recourse.

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